The following are some of the articles or items in the queue waiting for read and summarization. Also included are research and study ideas. All articles are stored locally unless otherwise noted.

Research Ideas

Document process of reversing a binaries packed with ASPack and UPX.

Learn plugin interface of IDA and add feature to collapse blocks of code.

Reverse Engineering

VB5 Cracking with SmartCheck 5.0 by Hs2L, via Fravia, February 25th 1998. The NuMega SmartCheck labels a VB disassembly with the proper structures, handlers, etc.

API Spying Techniques for Windows 9x, NT and 2000 by Yariv Kaplan, 2000. Referenced in the OGLE OpenGL rebuild and GLIntercept sniffer projects.

Phrack 58-05: Armouring the ELF: Binary encryption on the UNIX platform

Reverse Engineering Skype by Philippe Biondi and Fabrice Desclaux


Multicollisions in iterated has functions by Antoine Joux (need to find)
Will help in understanding hash states and collision building.

How to Swindle Rabin by Gideon Yuval (need to find)

ARC: A Synchronous Stream Cipher from Hash by Angelo P. E. Rosiello and Roberto Carrozzo

MDx-MAC and building fast MACs from hash functions by Bart Preneel and Paul C. van Oorschot. [via]

Symbolic boolean manipulation with ordered binary decision diagrams by Randal E. Bryant. [via]

Formal hardware verification with BDDs: An introduction by Alan J. Hu. [via]

Logic Design

Architecture of FPGAs and CPLDs: A Tutorial by Stephen Brown and Jonathan Rose

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