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Embedded Analysis workshop in Berlin, May 12&26

I will be giving a workshop at the CCCB in Berlin on Embedded Analysis (starting the 12th at 20:00). Anyone is welcome and attendees are asked to bring a potential target (router, mp3 player, phone, etc) for analysis. I will walk through the process of documenting and analysis based on the information and tools I released the CCC congress last year (Video, Tutorial). If you plan to attend please let me know. If you have a target send me the details, or place them on the wiki, so that we can help find details (datasheets, etc) and create an attack plan already. If you need a place to stay feel free to contact me, perhaps I can find something.

The schedule: on the 12th we will go over the tools and attack plans. During the two weeks that follow I will be at the CCCB and people can come and go as they like to continue work on the various projects. On the 26th everyone will present their own findings. ph-neutral is on the 27th+ so anyone attending that, feel free to piggy back.

I look forward to learning something new!

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